Course materials

5th September 2023: Virtual pre-event

Iryna Kuchma & Milica Ševkušić: Open Science – an introduction: How can I open my research?

Renata Močnik: Systematic literature review

11th September 2023

Sebastian Dahle: An early-career researcher’s view on modern and open scholarship

Paola Masuzzo: Open science principles and research data

Maja Založnik: The power of open data: lessons from a pandemic data tracker

12th September 2023

Tereza Kalová: Unleash your data superpowers: a research data management workshop for superhero researchers

Paola Masuzzo: Dealing with FAIR data

13th September 2023

Irena Vipavc Brvar: Start your research by discovering best data and documentation

Danaja Fabčič Povše: Data management plan in the context of personal and sensitive data

Irena Vipavc Brvar: Anonymisation – hands on

Peter Čerče: Migrations (MiCREATE) & Borders (Open Borders) hands-on RDM and DMP

14th September 2023

Zoran Ren: Open access to research infrastructure at the University of Maribor for global benefit

Aljoša Hafner: Scientific data lifecycle at large multidisciplinary research infrastructures

15th September 2023

Janja Hojnik: Academic ethics and integrity in research

Edit Görögh & Judit Éva Fazekas-Paragh: Open peer review: new tools in scientometrics

Varstvoslovje - Journal of Criminal Justice and Security

The materials in this course are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.