Open science in the European Research Area

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Lecturer: dr. Mojca Kotar, University of Ljubljana

The European Research Area (ERA) is a joint endeavour of the European Commission, Council of the European Union, and EU Member States, with aligned policies in research, innovation and technology. Open science is an important cross-cutting principle in ERA and is becoming a new normal in doing research at the global level (e.g., UNESCO recommendation on open science, 2021).
In ERA, immediate open access to peer-reviewed publications and managing research data according to the FAIR principles are mandatory. Research data has to be as open as possible and as closed as necessary. It is highly recommended that researchers also practise other aspects of open science. Regarding research infrastructures for open science, ESFRIs predate EOSC (European Open Science Cloud). Capacity building of all open science stakeholders remains a permanent task. Adoption of open science principles would increase considerably by reforming research assessment. European copyright framework needs to support efficient practising of open science.

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