Open peer review: new tools in scientometrics

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Edit Görögh, PhD, University of Debrecen, Hungary

Judit Éva Fazekas-Paragh, University of Debrecen, Hungary

The workshop focuses on the changing discourse of scientometrics, the strengthening presence of open peer review in scholarly publishing, and the emerging methods and tools in support of open scholarship.  The workshop wishes to provide participants with information about the methods and tools of open scholarship, open peer review in particular. It also plans to engage the audience in a dialogue about open peer review and some of the major aspects of the transforming scholarly publishing system. The workshop plans to include discussions on (1) attributes of altmetrics and open peer review, (2) different perspectives on advantages & disadvantages of openness, and (3) practical implementation of OPR. The event engages participants in small group exercises to gather information and viewpoints on the different degrees on openness in alternative scientometrics.

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