Unleash your data superpowers: a research data management workshop for superhero researchers, pt. I

Event Details

Lecturer: Tereza Kalová, Vienna University Library, Austria

Are you embarking on a research project for your thesis and want to ensure that your data is properly organized, stored, and shared? Join us for this introductory workshop on Research Data Management!

Tereza will guide you through the various stages of the research data lifecycle and provide you with practical tips and tricks for managing your data effectively. You will learn about best practices for file naming and folder structures, metadata and documentation, data archives and repositories, requirements of academic publishers, and publishing in data journals.

By the end of this workshop, you will have a solid understanding of how to document, share, and preserve your research data long-term, making it easily accessible for reuse and increasing the visibility of your results. Enhance your skills and become a more effective and efficient researcher!

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