Introduction to high-performance computing at the University of Maribor

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Lecturer: prof. dr. Miran Ulbin, University of Maribor, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

The EU has launched EuroHPC Joint Undertaking initiative plan to build an exascale HPC by 2025. A representative petascale HPC system VEGA, with prototype HPC system Maister, was built in Maribor, Slovenia. The aim is to establish a national HPC system with low maintenance and power consumption costs. The presentation is first focused on a brief introduction to the architecture of the HPC system Maister, while the main goal is the presentation of different ways of HPC computer usage. Many first-time or occasional HPC users struggle with outdated batch job submission on HPC computers. The user must submit a job into the queue using a specific script describing desired job tasks. Creating such a script requires a detailed understanding of run programs, job queues, and sometimes the structure of an HPC computer or a computer grid network. The users also rarely have a graphical interface available to run and control jobs on remote machines, which usually run non-interactive without any user influence. It will be discussed how to use HPC computers using a web page interface and utilize HPC systems directly from an application.

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